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AnchorPad the is the premier theft protection company with a complete line of products for all your needs. AnchorPad does not cut corners when your equipment is at stake.  For more than 30 years, Anchor Pad has met the needs for the highest levels of office security products, providing complete security solutions in a matter of minutes for your computers, printers, monitors, PAC Lab security, Ergotron and GCX equipment security, A/V devices and more with Anchor Pad computer security cables, lock-down plates, steel enclosures. Many companies try to copy AnchorPad products but only has the experience and history of customer satisfaction and protection.

Anchor Pad Products are the most versatile, attractive, easy to install and remove, requiring No Tools and doing no damage to furniture work surfaces when removed. From Computer Security Cables to Full-Steel Enclosures they match your budget and comfort levels quickly and accurately with performance tested products.  Double plates for PAC Lab carts, Egrotron and GCX equipment carts. Specialized cable security kits and lockdowns for AV equipment.

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