Do you have a reliable source for network problem resolving or computer support? What are your main concerns when selecting business equipment and an IT servicing company? Would you agree that with so many options the company you select as a business partner reflects upon your abilities to see through the sales hype and determine the best fit for you? Is your IT company a one man show? Do they keep you informed on possible computer problems and provide timely response to your needs?

        Computer and Network Maintenance prevents break downs when you most need your network, computers, and servers. What does a phone call cost you to get a fast maintenance quote? Nothing! However, it could save you hundreds of dollars. 97% Accurate Free Phone Repair Quotes. Simply describe the problem and get a very accurate complete printer copier or computer repair estimate. Know your repair service cost for your printer, copier or fax before you spend a single dime. Don’t wait, call (305) 477-2320 now!

        Advanced Business Computers Inc gives you options of computer problem solving, maintenance programs, remote support to reduce your computer/network problems and full IT services at your location. Services are customized based upon your needs. Services provided include technology services (IT) including computer repair, network problem solving, network installation, internet problem solving, computer upgrades, server installation, data recovery, copier printer scanner multifunction equipment and much more. Plus, new and refurbished equipment lease and full maintenance programs. Whether you are in Boca Raton, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale or even Florida City, Advanced Business Computers Inc. specialists have provided first class computer services since 1988!

Cloud Services

        The cloud is an on demand service or program that can include hardware with software as a service to your company. The companies that act now will be ahead of the curve and realize the benefits and savings now.

        Let’s say you are behind on our Microsoft office version or you need more computers due to new employees, old hardware breaking down or inadequate hardware/software for your needs. In the traditional business model, you would get pricing on hardware, pricing on software including licenses, determine the costs to get IT to connect it to your network and plan the installation. In a cloud environment you no longer need to buy the hardware or the software. It’s all included in the service, just like your satellite TV/Cable TV/cell phones, you get the hardware and software as part of the service.

        As long as you maintain the cloud service you get hardware upgrades, software upgrades and support at no additional cost. Contact Advanced Business Computers Inc. for more details now!  Call (305) 477-2320 now for solutions and problem resolution for your business!