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 Anchorpad laptop securityThe industry leading for over 31 years, one of the oldest and most respected names in Ant-theft devices. AnchorPad has met the needs for the highest levels of office security products, providing security solutions in a matter of minutes for your computers, printers, monitors, A/V devices and more with AnchorPad Computer Security Cables, Lockdown pads and enclosures. AnchorPad Products are the most versatile, attractive, easy to install and remove - requiring no tools and without damage to the furniture. AnchorPad matches your budget and comfort levels quickly and accurately with performance tested products. Also, great for PAC Labs, Ergotron and GXT cart AV equipment security. 

Business Machines Security

Projector Ceiling Mounts, LCD Ceiling Mounts, LCD Pivoting Ceiling MountsBMS mounting and security products have proven themselves in hundreds of schools and universities to be one of the strongest and most durable mounts in the industry. Schools and companies have turned to us again and again since 1982 to solve their mounting and security needs.  Whether you need maximum security or just plain easy to use mounting devices BMS has a product to meet your needs. All the products are universal by design to provide easy access and flexibility while providing accessibility and equipment interchangeability without compromising physical security. AV cables security too!

    Do you have an unusual security need that requires a custom approach? Special length cable systems, custom connection pieces or special security solutions are just a phone call away. With over 19 years of thinking outside the box a solution will be designed  quickly. Double plates for PAC Lab carts, Egrotron and GCX equipment carts. Specialized cable security kits and lock downs for AV equipment.

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