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      3 Reasons Why You Should Call Now for your computer repair service: 

   #1 – FREE phone help. Pick up the phone and call us. You might be able to have your computer repair or network problem solved without any cost. If you have a problem ask us questions.

    #2 – Get your quick accurate Free quote over the phone. Other companies want to come to your office first so they can make it easier to sell you. With us, you usually find out the computer or network repair problem and the total cost before spending a dime of your money!

    #3 – Your equipment fixed on-site fast or use the convenient carry-in computer repair service in the Miami, Ft. Lauderdale or surrounding Southeast Florida areas.

Virus, Spyware, Firewall and Ad-Ware Removal and System Restore Service

     According to a recent Washington Post article, there were about 5.5 million viruses introduced to the Web last year alone. That’s more than 15,000 new computer viruses causing havoc. Plus, Spyware, and Ad-Ware problems steal our information while you are surfing the web. Do you know the best product for you and your business? Who would you go to for advice: your certified computer experts who works on systems everyday or a store clerk? The choice is yours.

If you use the internet,

There is over 93% chance your computer is infected with Spyware - Source CNN

     Straight to the point: If you have system problems, crashes, unwanted pop-ups, web page failures and other issue call now for fast on-site professional certified virus, ad-ware and Spyware removal technicians. The longer you wait the higher the possibility of data corruption and loss.

On-Site service will provide the best resolution to your problems. The certified technicians are trained to repair computers, eradicate viruses, preserve your data and get you back and running fast.

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